C category

C category courses in Kaunas. Learn in driving school Auto ABCDE with professional instructors and with MAN TGX truck.


C category – vehicles, which are not included into D1 and D category, allowed gross weight is up to 3500 g and which are designed for not more than 8 people excluding the driver; vehicles from this category can be attached with a trailer which allowed gross weight is up to 750 kg. Minimum age from which it is allowed to take the courses for C category is 18 years old (only according to the law after receiving primary license for carrying loads) or from 21 years old,  also combined driving categories can be applied for C and CE categories or C+CE+D categories.


C category

C category
plus 95 code

Theory lectures 35 academic hours 31 academic hours
Driving practice 15 academic hours 15 academic hours
95 code theory lectures   140 academic hours
95 code driving practice   10 academic hours
Price :


330 €   


580 €